Decline of Makerbot

I have to say before reading this article I was one “…tech enthusiasts suffering from low information, that sees MakerBot as the Kleenex and Asprin of 3D printing.”

Though, honestly that didn’t mean much because I’ve had such a poor experience of 3D printers in general. Still, an interesting read, and sad to see a company backtrack so far from the open commitments they started with.

They deserve their reputation.

MakerBot is not dead, but it is connected to life support waiting for a merciful soul to pull the plug. This week, MakerBot announced it would lay off its entire manufacturing force, outsourcing the manufacturing of all MakerBot printers to China. A few weeks ago, Stratasys, MakerBot’s parent company, released their 2015 financial reports, noting MakerBot sales revenues have fallen precipitously. The MakerBot brand is now worth far less than the $400 Million Stratasys spent to acquire it. MakerBot is a dead company walking, and it is very doubtful MakerBot will ever be held in the same regard as the …read more

via The MakerBot Obituary — Hackaday